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Did you know that you can now buy 5 x 30 minute treatments for the price of 4! So 5 sessions for the special price of £120. This special package is on offer for a short period of time. However, you can use the sessions as and 

when you would like to!

Do you have to have an injury in order to get a sports massage?!?

.....NO! If you do have an injury, sports massage is a great tool to help with the recovery process and reduce pain. However, it is also very useful to have a sports massage when you are injury-free! This helps maintain better-working muscles and limit future muscle tightness from onsetting.

Have you tried a sports massage yet? If not, why?? Sports massage is proven to provide a number of benefits, these include;

>Reduced muscle pain

>Increased flexibility

>Enhanced rate of recovery

>Improved sports performance

If you are interested in booking an appointment to try a sports massage, please call Erin on:

07884 388 890.

Marathon Month!!

Alleviate wishes GOOD LUCK to all the marathon runners who have visited the clinic so far this year!

With the Paris, Brighton, London, Milton Keynes and Edinburgh marathons coming up to name but a few......I have been lucky to be part of lots of training programmes and needed to revive some very tired legs!

All the best to everyone taking part!!

The ALL NEW Deluxe full body sports massage!

The ultimate sports massage experience is now available.

The session is sub-divided into 45 minutes on the upper body and

45 minutes on the lower body.

The ultimate experience for the ultimate sports person!

(This is available to purchase as a gift voucher experience).


Calling all runners and stretching enthusiasts!!

Here are some basic pointers you must always imply when stretching, in order to promote the best relevant stretch for your goal, and of course to help prevent injury.

 • Pre-exercise, hold your stretch for 10 seconds

   (this is known as a maintenance stretch).

• Post-exercise, hold for 20 seconds (this is a

  developmental stretch - applicable when you are

  trying to actually develop the length of the muscle).

• Repeat all stretches 3 times on both the left and

  right sides, even if one side seems tighter.

• Stretching should feel good/relieving/nice! NOT

  uncomfortable!! Just take your stretch to the first

  point that you feel a strain, then hold it there and

  relax into it.

Do not bounce your stretch or force it further than

  a 'comfortable strain' feeling.

Many do not realise that stretching a muscle sends a positive message to the muscle fibres to indicate what direction they are to lay. This can therefore really help reduce scar tissue formation and

increase flexibility.

Sometimes just stretching alone is not enough to increase flexibility, therefore the extra use of sports massage can be helpful for further amplification.

I hope you find this helpful! And if you have not yet had a sports massage, why not book in!